Interview with Rene Denfeld

 1.   What are 5 things you would want to find? 

  1. A lifetime supply of Nutella

  2. A future for all our children

  3. Optimism for all—because I think hope can be a radical act

  4. Justice

  5. A decent bagel in Portland, Oregon 

2.   What are 5 things you would want to hide?

  1. The effects of eating all that Nutella

  2. Cruelty

  3. Shame

  4. Malice

  5. What passes for bagels in Portland, Oregon 

3.   If you could choose anywhere in the world for your book to be hidden, where would it be? 

In the hands of friends I haven’t yet met

4.   If you could find any book, which would it be and why?

Oh my—the unwritten books of all those taken away from us too soon.  

5.   Who would you want to find your book (another author, celebrity, et cetera)?


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