Interview with Mary Sharratt

What are 5 things you would want to find?

  1. Alma Schindler Mahler’s lost musical scores, which went missing after she fled Austria to escape the Nazis. Only 17 of her songs remain or have been found.

  2. A smartphone-free zone where humans can come together and be present with each other instead of staring at their devices.  

  3. Brand new readers who love what I write.

  4. A record of the lives of the many accomplished yet overlooked women who have been written out of history.

  5. A really cool and welcoming coffee house where all my favorite writers and I could meet up with our readers and solve all the world’s problems together.

What are 5 things you would want to hide?

  1. I would like to hide myself away from Brexit and the Trump presidency, perhaps by secreting myself in a remote Himalayan hermitage until it’s safe to come out again.

  2. My unending to-do list.

  3. Most of my non-book-related clutter.

  4. All fake news outlets everywhere.

  5. A magical treasure chest full of beautiful books, loose leaf teas, and chocolate for all of us who need soothing.

If you could choose anywhere in the world for your book to be hidden, where would it be? 

In the forest near Alma and Gustav Mahler’s summerhouse in Maiernigg on Lake Wörthersee, Austria, where they spend the early years of their marriage in artistic retreat.

If you could find any book, which would it be and why?

Louise Erdrich’s new novel-in-progress. I adore her work so much for how she makes her setting come to life as vividly as her characters and for how she infuses her storytelling with Native American magical realism.

Who would you want to find your book (another author, celebrity, et cetera)?

A young woman who dreams of becoming a composer, of creating symphonies and operas that shatter the white male stronghold on the classical music canon.



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