Interview with Julia Fine

What are 5 things you would want to find?

  1. An extra few hours in the day

  2. A piece of enchanted antique jewelry (cursed is totally fine, even preferable)

  3. Irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life

  4. The hotdog Hot Wheels car my two-year-old lost and can’t seem to forget about

  5. A green energy solution that makes so much sense its bill flies through Congress  

What are 5 things you would want to hide?

  1. Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups (in a spot only I can find them)

  2. A half-finished notebook, with instructions to please use up the rest

  3. Myself in a hole whenever people start talking about “electability”

  4. The Wi-Fi password for about four hours a day

  5. Some of my current favorite books (Invitation to a Bonfire by Adrienne Celt, Devotion by Madeline Stevens, Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin)

If you could choose anywhere in the world for your book to be hidden, where would it be?

Puzzlewood (The Forest of Dean), but before it was a tourist attraction

If you could find any book, which would it be and why?

Person of Interest by Susan Choi, because none of my local indies have it in stock and my TBR pile is way too big to justify ordering right now

Who would you want to find your book (another author, celebrity, et cetera)?

My 16 year-old self

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